Plural Sax

Sax Nonets

Capriol Suite

Peter Warlock, arr. Peter Guthrie


Peter Warlock was actually just a psuedonym for one Philip Arnold Heseltine, a good friend of the composer Frederick Delius. He used the name Warlock for musical compositions and other works, including a book on Delius. His academic works (he specialized in Elizabethan history) were published under his real name. He died of gas poisoning in suspicious circumstances, and it has never been resolved whether it was an accident or suicide.

The Capriol Suite was composed according to the rules given in the 1589 "Orchesographie" by Arbeau. This results in a traditional sounding six movement dance suite peppered with more modern constructions. It is one of his most widely known and popular works.

An extended arrangement for 12 is also available.

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