Plural Sax

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Plural Sax, The Gathering, Oxford (2002)

St. Anne's College Lecture Theatre

Sunday 19th May, 2002

The programme was a mixture of old and new, fast and slow, quiet and loud (well, loud and louder at least).


Saxophone Spectrum, P. Harvey
Gavotte from "Classical Symphony", S. Prokofiev, arr. Peter Guthrie
Marche Hongroise, H. Berlioz, arr. Peter Guthrie
Where Spirits and Demons Dance, N. Wood
Malagueña, E. Lecuona, arr. Peter Guthrie
KCCF March, Peter Guthrie
March from Soirees Musicales, B. Britten and G. Rossini, arr. Peter Guthrie


Peter Guthrie Bass and Leader
Ben Tordoff Baritone
Lucy Cade Tenor
Julia Whippy Tenor
Susan Ebbels Alto
Rob Sansom Alto and Soprano
Sarah Lipscomb Soprano
Lizzie Stutters Sopranino and Alto