Plural Sax

Previous concerts

The Old and the New, Oxford (2003)

St. Anne's College Lecture Theatre

Sunday 2nd March, 2003

This concert featured music both ancient and modern (and a bit of everything in between). Also appearing are some new faces who join the "more established" members.


Saxophone Spectrum, P. Harvey
Capriol Suite, P. Warlock, arr. Peter Guthrie
Wo ist ein so herrlich Volk, J. Brahms, arr. Peter Guthrie
Concerto No.10 in B-min. from L'estro Armonico, Op.3 - Allegro, Antonio Vivaldi, arr. Ben Tordoff
Three to Get Ready, Dave Brubeck, arr. Ian Lowes
Crucifixus, A. Lotti, arr. Peter Guthrie
Poet and Peasant, F. von Suppe, arr. Peter Guthrie


Peter Guthrie Bass and Leader
Ben Tordoff Baritone
Julia Whippy Tenor
Mark de Cates Tenor
Matthew Page Alto
Clare Webb Alto
Kate Wilkinson Soprano, Alto and Tenor
Sarah Lipscomb Soprano
Lizzie Stutters Sopranino and Tenor