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Haydn Symphony No 102 (4th Mvt)

Franz Josef Haydn, arr. Peter Guthrie


Haydn first visited England in 1792-93 at the invitation of Johann Peter Salomon, making a great impression on the London audience. Salomon was keen to entice Haydn back for a second visit, which was delayed due to ill-health. When Haydn finally did set off he had not anticipated the turmoil throughout France following the revolution and he missed the first of his advertised concerts.

The 102nd symphony was written during 1794 but premiered in February 1795. During the finale a chandelier fell from the ceiling of the concert hall, but by some miracle without causing any injury. Despite the incident occurring during the performance of the 102nd, it caused the title "Miracle" to be given to the 96th symphony.

The finale is one of Haydn's most humorous symphonic movements, parodying many of his own stylistic phrases, and never quite ending.

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